Dear Friends of Lemelson Vineyards,

We take tremendous pride in the wine we make, an obvious statement. A less obvious statement, we are incredibly proud of the value our wines represent. High-quality Pinot noir is expensive. Yet we remember the days in the not so distant past when a $100 bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot noir was sold and…. Blasphemy we cried! Now seeing the $100+ bottle is commonplace and the $200 is around the corner.

The most recent review by Vinous Media’s Josh Reynolds put things in perspective for us. Our wines consistently receive 92-94 pts yet our prices are relatively modest.

Our Stermer Vineyard Pinot noir 2016 received a 94 point score and sells for $48 a bottle ($38-$40 if you’re in the wine club!) compared to wines of the same score for up to $150 a bottle! To be fair, the average price of the 94 pt from this reviewer was $70 (Stermer was 30% less than the average).

Our achievements are not defined by the scores we receive. Our gratification comes from knowing how our vineyards are farmed (organically since day one) and working in an innovative, environmentally conscious designed winery. We take pleasure in working for a small family business and in knowing that what we craft is an honest and pure expression of a very special place, Oregon.

The scores do remind us that while we haven’t changed our approach to viticulture or wine, the price of wine in the Valley has changed a lot. While we welcome innovation and are open to change, we will continue to charge what we consider a fair price.


Ben Kaehler, General Manager