A Day in the Life

Things you’d see if you were here every day.

The Enterprise

2015 Harvest Intern, Francisco Figueroa surveys the Fermentation Hall atop the unique mobile sorting line The Enterprise, where gravity flow begins.

Steaming Barrels

Lemelson has 500 french oak barrels to maintain and they do it with steam. No need for harsh chemicals and by using steam we save precious water. Steam inhibits microbial growth and keeps the valuable oak barrels in top shape.

James at the Vine

James Braunagel, Cellar Master,  learning how to prune and train the new vines in the proper direction in the beautiful Stermer Vineyard.

Wine Chemistry

The lab during harvest is a busy spot. Sampling the different Pinot noir wines for the percentage of malolactic fermentation achieved.

Measuring Brix

Measuring Brix (Sugar). 2015 Harvest intern Malik Agzor measures the brix level of the wine.

Washing the Press

2015 harvest intern Chris Stiffler washes the beautiful Scharfenberger Europress press at the end of a long harvest day.

Filling Barrels

2015 Harvest intern taking advantage of gravity flow and filling the last of the barrels with the 2015 vintage Pinot noir.