Eric Lemelson

Driven by Values.

Eric Lemelson is a winery owner and President and Founder of the Karuna Foundation, Vice President and Treasurer of the Lemelson Foundation, an environmental lawyer, a climate change and energy policy activist and a builder of beautiful high performance LEED buildings.

Eric Lemelson is an actively engaged citizen of the world. His interests and investments mirror his words we use to describe the winery, “Driven by Values.”

He sits on the board of the Lemelson Foundation, an organization founded by his parents, Jerome Lemelson, the prolific US inventor, and his wife Dorothy Lemelson in the early 1990’s to support and invest in inventions that seek to make a better and more just world through the power of invention.

He also founded the Karuna Foundation. The work of the Karuna Foundation is focused on climate change adaption and mitigation in Bhutan. A country and people he has a deep affection and respect for since he traveled there to hike the Himalayas. He is contributing a LEED certified law library to the campus of the Royal Institute of Law. He is also working with the school to see that all the buildings take advantage of high performance building techniques.

Eric is a LEED building advocate. His first mixed-use commercial project is One North in Portland OR. Eric’s environmental ethics permeated the project from community input, to the choice of building materials. He used local sustainably harvested lumber from a collective of family owned tree farms in neighboring Washington, rather than trusting FSC wood that could not be traced backed to it’s origins. He added 14,000 sqft of courtyard space for use by the tenants and surrounding neighborhood. By using building techniques that maximized energy efficiency, reducing waste and consumption, One North became a unique commercial project in the city of Portland characterized by inspired architecture that embraced the city’s policy goals of creating walkable, bikeable neighborhoods.

His personal homes also reflect his ethics. The Chestnut Hill vineyard residence is a triple certified high performance building. Again, following a commitment to energy efficient building, the home is a true example of form and function, created in a sustainable manner.

What does all this lead to?

It means Lemelson Vineyards is another example of Eric’s commitment to the environment, to the land and to his community. Eric fell in love with Pinot noir in the early 1990’s and began planting his first vineyards in 1995, soon after he began planning the construction of a sophisticated gravity flow winery which processed it’s first vintage in 1999. An Oregonian since the late 1970’s, his “green” principles are reflected everywhere you look at the winery. All vineyards are organically farmed since inception.

The winery itself was built with the most sustainable practices available at the time of construction. In 2007, a solar photovoltaic system was installed providing over 40% of main buildings energy needs. The winery, it’s innovative design combines centuries old winemaking knowledge with modern techniques. His team is treated with respect on every level, personal and professional.

This allows Lemelson Vineyards to create some of the most expressive Pinot noir in Oregon.

Nature, Tradition, Innovation and Driven by Values. Those are Eric’s founding and guiding principles. The proof is in the product he creates, and Lemelson Vineyards creates beautiful Oregon wine.